Abou's Cup Kicks Off for the 2017-2018 season

The Abou Cup competition has begun! The first match was held on Thursday October 26th. The Nicks took on The Vikings. Despite the small numbers, the matches were exciting. The Nicks won 3-0. For the Nicks, Phoebe Lindsey took on Mark Moore. Phoebe prevailed in 4 games. Then Nicolo Abou Taleb took on Mike McManus. The first game was a close one, ending in a tie breaker. Niki won the game and then held on tightly and won in three. The last match was the nail biter. Mike Weinbach played against Tomas Bruun. Mike won the first game easily but then Tomas changed gears and the match became exciting. Mike won in the 5th, 11-1,8-11,11-6,9-11,11-2. The next match was on Thursday November 9 – The Heartbreakers against Above the Tin.  The match ended in a tie: 2-2. In the first match Bilal Shafiq took on Ian Lapey. Bilal won in three games. Then JB Sarkar had a great match against Eliza Mills. Eliza won in three games but the games were close. It was fun to watch. In the next match, Mark Litvin played against Fred Leger. It was Fred’s first league match and he played well despite his loss. Valerie Leger won by default. After the matches, everyone mixed up the opponents just to have more play. A good time was had by all.

The next match is on Thursday November 30th at 7:30. The Nicks (Team A) are taking on The Heartbreakers (Team C)