Junior League Recap for 2017

There remains a lot of excitement over the matches being played by our juniors against other clubs in the Junior League.

Our next match was against City Squash on Saturday October 28th. We played the match here. We won 6-3. There were some wonderful matches and everyone seemed to really enjoy the competition as well as the camaraderie.  Our ladder consisted of Daniel Hochberg (3-0); Luke Stronski (3-1); Aditya Singh (3-0); Zoe Dichter (3-0); Danyal Naeem (1-3); Jonah Baron (3-1); Anika Shah (1-3); Ali El Moselhy (1-3) and Kamilla El Moselhy (3-0).

The following match was on Saturday November 4 away at The Master’s School against Masters PPS. It was fun to see a different venue and we won 6-3. Our team on that day was Aneesh Naresh (3-0); Daniel Hochberg (3-0); Austin Kelly (3-0); Sammy Spiegel (3-0); Ronan Cheng-Slater (3-0); Ignacio Castro (3-0); Leo-Paul Leger (3-0); Lily Shaaban (1– 3); Jonah Baron (2-3); Nate Smith (3-0) and Spencer Baron (0-3). The one match of note is Jonah Baron’s. He went five games. In the 5th game he was down 8 – 2 and he clawed his way back only to lose in a tie breaker, 11-13. He showed great perseverance. Well done to all.

Thank you to all who planned to play in the next match scheduled for November 11. We were able to pull together a full team but unfortunately, neither of our opponents could gather a full complement. The match is postponed with the date to be determined.

On Saturday Nov. 30, we’ll have a home rematch against Bronxville Field Club.

Good luck to all!

Jr. League Match WSA vs City Squash.jpeg
Jr. League Match.jpeg