Westchester County Adult League (May 22, 2017)

On Monday May 22, four Bronxville players travelled to WSA to try again to defeat us. The matches were long and fun but we prevailed once again.

In the #1 position Mike Weinbach took on Nick Burgin. The points were long and there was a lot of running. Both men had some great shots. But Mike wore him down and won 11-9, 11-9, 11-6. Then Bilal Shafiq played Bill Allen. This was a rematch from earlier in the season. It was a closer match this time but Bilal was still victorious, 8-11,11-1,11 -4, 10-12, 11-5. Bilal plays a very smart game. He holds his stroke long enough that it is tough to see where he is going to place his shot. He keeps his opponent on his heels. Third spot was David Mills against Paul Ranieri. The first game was close. But David held on 13 – 11. Then he gained his stride and won the next two games, 11-4 and 11-5. In the 4th spot was Tomas Bruun. He played Ranjit Bhatta. Tomas played well. He lost the first game 9-11 but then held on 11-6,11-8,11-4. Sasha Dichter came to play as well and he got a shot at Nick Burgin as well. He played two games and won both, 11-7 and 11-8. Afterwards, the men did a bit of a round robin and then ate pizza before heading home.

This has been a fun battle between the clubs this season. They have played each other 4 times. We are hoping to continue this friendly rivalry next year and hopefully we plan to include more clubs. It is enjoyable for both sides to be playing different people and in a competitive environment.