Westchester County Adult Squash League

WSA played its first interclub match on September 28 against Lifetime Fitness. Both teams were prepared with five players and although we played competitively and well, we lost 4-1. Fun was had by all with food, drinks and lots of laughs. We are currently second in the league and look forward to playing in other interclub matches against Pyramid, Westchester Country Club and Bronxville Field Club.

On Wednesday November 9th, the WSA Warriors took on Lifetime Fitness over in Harrison. It was the second time for a matchup between these two teams and our team was on the hunt for revenge. And revenge they got……. winning 3 matches to 2. The first time they met up with Lifetime, we lost 1-4.
Philip Spoerri, Sasha Dichter and Mike Weinbach all won definitively 3-0. It was a particularly sweet win by Philip since he lost to the same opponent the first time around. David Mills lost a tough one in 5 games. He lost the first two games, then figured out his opponent and won the next two only to fall in a close 5th game 11-8.
It appeared that everyone enjoyed themselves. We look forward to playing Westchester Country Club and Bronxville Field Club in the near future.

There have been three matches played so far in the Westchester County Adult Squash League. The first match was held at Westchester Squash Academy where Lifetime won 4 -1. The second was played at Lifetime where Westchester Squash Academy prevailed 3-2 and the third match was held on Monday, February 13 at the Bronxville Field Club where Westchester Squash Academy won a very close match 3/2. Bilal Shafiq won in the top spot, 3-1, Tomas Bruun had an epic battle in the 3rd spot and he won, 11-5,11-9,5-11,12-14,11-9 and Keith Hope won 3-1 in the 4th spot. Mike McManus lost in 3 but went on to play another match just for the fun of it. Michael Luskin also had a tough match but lost 14-16,8-11,11-3,11-7,7-11. Interestingly, both teams had the same total of points. After the games were done, they shared some food, drink and some good stories, particularly about Adham and his legacy at BFC.

adult match february.jpg

On Monday,April 17th,a second match was played against Bronxville Field Club at Westchester Squash.Our WSA team had a terrific win,3-0.The first match was Robert Fitts against Barry Kaplan.It was a long first game which went to Robert, 14 – 12. Then the next two were, 11-3, 11-8 to Robert. The second match was Tomas Bruun vs Paul Ranier.Tomas lost the first game 811,then got his rhythm and won the second game 11-9.The third game was a tough one but Tomas held his ground and won 16 -14. Tomas won the match 3-1 by winning the last game 11-9. It was a real battle. The match of the night was played between Bilal Shafiq against Nick Sheumack.Bilal had a comfortable 2-0 lead,each game relatively easy 11-5,11-6.Then Nick got his lob to a better height and started to anticipate Bilal’s shots and won the next two games 12 – 10 and 11-5.But in the last game,Bilal’s endurance and fitness became obvious and he won, 11-5. It was a great match to watch. It appeared everyone had fun.Most of the participants continued to play after their matches and shut the club down with great cheer and good sportsmanship. Congratulations to Westchester Squash Academy for winning the first season of the Westchester Squash Adult League. Hopefully we can continue to develop it next year with more players and more matches.

On Monday May 15, 4 of our members travelled to Bronxville for their 3rd competition against the Field Club.  And for the 3rd time, WSA was victorious. Bilal Shafiq played in the #1 spot. It was a good match with long points and great shot making. Bilal prevailed 3-1. David Mills was up next. His short game was very precise that night and he won 3-1 as well. Tomas Bruun played #3. He took control of the match from the beginning and won 3-0. Then he played a 2nd match because Bronxville had an extra man and Tomas won again 3-1. Robert Fitts played in the #4 position. He had the longest match of the night. It went 5 games and the points went on and on and on. Robert lost 2-3 but fought a good battle. Bronxville is coming here on Monday May 22 at 7:30. Come to play or come to watch. It should be a good match.