2018 WSA Club Championship

2018 Club Championship

Despite the Nor’easter the previous day, 15 intrepid members came to the club on Saturday March 3rd to compete in the Adult Club Championship.

It was a great tournament. Notable was the fact that there were enough women participating that we could have a round robin for them at the B level (two other women played in the main draw). Beth Meister, Sabrina Maestrini, Radhika Dewan, Valerie Leger and Rokaya Hassaballa all played four matches, all best of 5. Rokaya won the tournament with Sabrina coming in a close 2nd. The best part of it is they met different members and are now playing on a regular basis.

In the main draw, we had a 10 players: Niki Abou Taleb, Hadley Barr, Tomas Bruun, Paul Lapey, Steven Lee, Phoebe Lindsey, Mark Litvin, David Mills, Bob Mulvena and Bilal Shafiq. And the Club Champion for 2018 is Bilal Shafiq ---- congratulations! Niki Abou Taleb came in second. In the consolation draw, Hadley Barr and Paul Lapey faced off in the finals --- congratulations to Paul who won in 4 games.

Thanks to all who made the effort to get here after the storm. A good time was had by all.